Slave trade of the Ukraine women.

Ukraine women involve in the occupations by prostitution. The Ukrainian women are necessary to contemporary slave-traders Recently in Kiev took place Ukraine- American regional seminar for questions of the protection of the rights of man in the sphere of fight with the trade by women and by children. Slave trade specializes in the ukraine women and children. In the Ukraine, however, the slave trade only does begin to find spread - and therefore at the seminar sufficiently optimistically sounded the speeches, in which to us they promised to end, to interrupt and to restrain. the Vice-premier- minister of the Ukraine Nikolai Zhulinskiy noted that in 1999 in the course of the ministry of Labor and social policy were annulled 125 licenses of physical and legal persons to the mediation in job placement. Here only Mr. vice- premier did not specify, how many of them "for the slave trade" Vice- premier it is confident, that so by time the Ukraine will be able to protect each Ukraine women and each Ukraine child, in which corner of world they not proved to be? Only this time did come before women and children in the Ukraine will be transferred? The minister of internal affairs of the Ukraine Yuri Kravchenko did emphasize that the Ukraine - one of a few countries, which accepted law about the criminal pursuit of organizers and participants in the actions, connected/bonded with the sexual operation and the exploitation of children.

In THE USA actively act the criminal groups of Asian origin and Russian speaking. Analyst of the USA promulgated the numbers, which characterize the volume of trade by people in the countries of central and East Europe and former USSR:33 percent of sex- female workers in the Netherlands - descendants from the Ukraine (!). Women are exported also into Asia (into Japan, Thailand), also, to the Near East (especially into Israel and Arab emirates).Well and, of course, in the USA they export, as a rule, the women of 15-30 years old. Slave-traders do propose to them false contracts - to the work by models, by household workers, care of children - in order to force women to believe, that they deal concerning the normal service of job placement. There are the criminal groups, which work under the signboard of legal firms. American ungovernmental organizations do assert that such groups do use bases of data of the services of acquaintances; marriage agencies and even sometimes they do come into the schools?

They intentionally intimidate victims. Let us say, in Istanbul there was the case, when they threw out two Ukrainians from the balcony in order to intimidate remaining six women in this group. So the merchants of living goods demonstrate to their victims, that those are under the control their absolute. Is very characteristic the matter, begun with 95 by the right controls of Dnepropetrovsk region. The citizen of the Ukraine in Holland became the victim of sexual operation and she turned into the Ukrainian embassy with the request to return her to the native land. As a result of the carried out by local right controls investigation for the penal responsibility were drawn several citizens of former Yugoslavia - for pandering and involvement in the occupations by prostitution. In the course of investigation the organized criminal groupings, which into 95-97 were occupied by selection and sending of Ukrainian women abroad for the occupations by prostitution, were established.

Here is one additional clear example: in the criminal case, which they investigate the right controls of Sevastopol, it is established that about 200 Ukraine women by age from 13 to 25 years were illegally exported for the purpose of sexual operation into Turkey.

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